Mail Services, Forwarding Services: A service provided by an answering service that allows you to have a different mailing address in another state where, once received at the other location, the mail is forwarded to your original adress. This service is usually used in accord with a virtual receptionist or virtual office service.

Mail Services, Forwarding Services

Messages Plus is the leader of virtual office services in the United States. In addition to providing live operator service, providing you with both a virtual receptionist and a virtual secretary, we offer so much more. With Messages Plus, you also get a high profile, prestigious business address to use as your own, a New York City phone number, (or a toll free number) and mail collection and forwarding. Being one of the few agents licensed and certified mail services and mail forwarding service, Messages Plus becomes so much more than just an answering service.

By providing our clients with an address, the ability to receive mail, and the ability to forward that mail directly to our clients, the world of virtual business is wide open to everyone. Gone are the times when you needed a fancy office with a lot of overhead. Gone are the times of wasting money on four walls, a phone line and fax machine. Gone are the days of outrageous payroll, payroll taxes and benefits. Gone are the days of Post Office boxes. With the virtual office service, mail services and mail forwarding service, all you need is a laptop, a cell phone and an internet connection to run your business like a Fortune 500 company.

Messages Plus is your mail service complete partner. In addition our being one of the top remailing services we offer value added services to our members. With Messages Plus you can use a prestigious Manhattan street address to show customers who you are. We also provide an enhanced business presence. We can help your business incorporate. We can help you appear in local search engine results or yellow page, or online directories.

A mail forwarding service is hard to find and even harder to maintain. Mail services, virtual post offices and mail forwarding services often go out of business, leaving you with having to change addresses and appear on shaky ground to your clientele. Messages Plus is a trusted name in virtual services, standing the test of time with over 50 years in the business. When you need something as permanent as an address or a phone number, trust the people at Messages Plus Answering Service, Virtual Office, Mail Service and Mail Forwarding Service.

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