Voicemail Service Fast Facts: Voicemail services are useful when a small business wants to appear larger. Our voicemail services are scalable, affordable, and dynamic enough to handle your needs. Our voicemail can take voice messages as well as transfer calls, record memos, take fax messages, and more.

Voicemail Service

Voicemail services are very useful to making a small business seem like a large corporate entity. With a voicemail number your customers will perceive your business as being more solid, well established and successful even if you’re working from home. Messages Plus Answering Service's auto-attendant system adds to that image of a substantial business by guiding callers to the appropriate department or extension or by providing automated information about your products or services that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Benefits Of Our Voicemail Service

With one centralized telephone number, voicemail services can physically unify remote workers with a single toll-free number. You can assign separate extensions to each employee and forward their calls to wherever they are. Each employee's personal extension comes with customizable features including voicemail, message notification, on-hold music and comprehensive call forwarding options.

Our voicemail number protects your home, office, cellular and other personal contact information. The only number you will ever have to give to your contacts is your voicemail number and it comes equipped with numerous call blocking features to help you manage your calls and deter harassing callers.

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