Outbound Telemarketing Service: Outbound telemarketing is known as a direct marketing service and is commonly used for new customer acquisition or sometimes offering new services to an existing customer base. For an outbound telemarketing service to be successful, the company managing the service must be familiar with your business and customize a program to product you the desired results. This can only be done with a familiarity of the telemarketing process including federally mandated rules and regulations.

Outbound Telemarketing Service

One of the most successful methods of direct marketing is telemarketing, more specifically, outbound telemarketing. An outbound telemarketing service is proactive marketing in which prospective and preexisting customers are contacted directly over the telephone. Although it is a very successful way to grow your business, it is also a very difficult undertaking for your company to manage.

Many companies choose to outsource their telemarketing service. It allows these companies to enjoy the benefits of growth without creating a new full time department. Companies who utilize in house telemarketer's often find turnover and a lack of interested applicants as their major hurdle. Messages Plus provides outbound telemarketing as one of our many direct marketing options. Many companies choose to add this to the variety of other services we offer. Standing alone or working hand in hand with our telemarketing staff, this is by far the most effective tool that any business can use.

Types Of Telemarketing Service We Offer

We specialize in both of the two major categories of outbound telemarketing service, which are Business-to-business and Business-to-consumer. We offer Lead Generation, the gathering of information, appointment setting, surveys, sales and follow up. Almost anytime that your company needs to pick up the phone and dial out, we can help. Almost any application can be outsourced, and as with all of our answering service programs, all calls are made and received in The United States.

We adhere to a highly cost efficient, results-based production and management process allows us to provide extraordinary results for your project. Clients who utilize out outbound telemarketing service benefit from cost-effective and complaint-free production, consistently delivered to them by a responsive and supportive team of telemarketing management professionals.

Sales - The Goal Of Any Telemarketing Service

The goal of an affordable telemarketing service is to generate sales for your business. Sales are generated by directly contacting your customers or potential customers from a targeted demographic list and presenting your new product or opportunity in a way that will appeal to people. Messages Plus understands the sales process and has ran successful telemarketing campaigns for many businesses. Though sales are the primary goal for any telemarketing project, other possible functions include:

  • Customer Service
  • Information Verification
  • Product Registration
  • List Cleaning, Database Management

Out telemarketing expertise provides businesses with a cost effective solution to increase sales as well as keep current customers happy with your business. We are ready to customize an outbound telemarketing service that will produce results.

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