What Is A RSVP Service? An RSVP service, as provided by a telephone answering service, is a way for event planners and coordinators to outsource their RSVP tasks. The answering service provides you a toll free RSVP hotline number for your wedding, party, or event to print on the invitations. The answering service receives RSVP requests and updated the guest catalog through an online interface or emails you positive or negative replies. An rsvp service is very useful as a wedding RSVP service or any other large event RSVP service such as large social events.

RSVP Service

Planning a large social event, business function or wedding and not sure how to handle all of your RSVP's? Sick of shuffling through response cards? Why not provide your attendees with a toll-free number to use where they can call in using your personal extension, 24-hours a day at their convenience, and respond to your invitation?

RSVP services fill an expanding need in the event planning industry. With many of us busier than we have ever been, time is a valuable commodity, and we don’t always have time to communicate those small messages that seem to get lost in the shuffle. When you are working on any kind of event, offering your guests a quick and stress-free way to RSVP makes their lives a bit easier.

An RSVP service will provide your business, organization or individual with a toll-free number and a personalized extension that you can have printed on your invitations. If you wish, your RSVP service can also call guests who have not responded to the invitation after the deadline to help you finalize your guest list. Computers are a must these days, and RSVP'ing through the web is also a highly accessible option for your invitees.

Whatever the event or party, from small to large, business or pleasure, utilizing an RSVP service to take care of your responses is invaluable and time-saving. Just mail out your invitations, and they'll handle the rest!

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