Mail Receiving Services: A mail receiving service is a service offered by the answering service whereby the service receives mail for a business or individual. This is a great service for a small business who is trying to look larger by offering a corporate address for mailings.

Mail Receiving Service

Where does your mail go when you are out of town on vacation, traveling on business, or out of the country? Does it pile up at your workplace or at your home office? Are you unable to receive packages because your business or residence only has a post office box? Don't miss out on important documents and correspondence while you are away from your business. Employ a mail receiving service to handle all of your post and packages, and make sure that all of your mail stays safe and secure while you are out of town.

Mail receiving services offer a variety of features. You can check via phone to see whether or not you have mail, and you will be notified by email if you have received any packages. You may pick up mail at your convenience, however for important packages and documents, your mail receiving service will work in conjunction with a Courier or express service to get your mail to you in a timely fashion. Your mail can also be imaged and offered to you in real-time, so that you can customize each shipment by carrier. Your mail will arrive in the manner you request, as slow or fast as you need it to.

What if you are traveling to multiple addresses, and need your mail or packages forwarded to you, but unsure of when you will arrive at your destination? Simply phone in to a 24-hour toll-free number to update your location details. Your mail receiving service will hold your mail until you notify us.

When the professional and reliable efforts of a mail receiving service at your disposal, nothing will slip through the cracks. Mail receiving services are committed to fulfilling their promises to you. With a mail receiving service, you can go about business as usual, enjoy your travel, and feel confident knowing that your correspondence will always find its way to you, no matter where you may find yourself!

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