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When it came to opening up their Kentucky Answering Service, Messages Plus Answering Service invested in state of the art telephone equipment. Technology is the cornerstone of the success of the Nation’s leading answering service provider. It is technology that allows the answering service operators to access the information needed to properly service the business and medical sector of the people of Kentucky. It is the technology that allows the answering service operators to sound as if they are actually an integral part of each and every business.

Our Kentucky Answering Service is dedicated to providing professional telephone answering service to your Kentucky business while giving you more time to run and grow your business. And, it is our goal to keep this service at the lowest cost while still providing an amazing service for your business. It is far more cost effective to hire a competent answering service then have the liability of an employee who will perform the same job. We cater to busy professionals and always customize accounts around your office and how you do business. If you need to be contacted with every phone call, just emergency phone calls, have appointments scheduled, whatever you need we can assist and create the perfect account for your Kentucky business.

While Messages Plus invests constantly in answering service technology, the focus of the Kentucky Answering Service, is the people. The people of Kentucky are the cornerstone of our Kentucky Answering Service. These are hardworking people, with the values that transcend into every state of the United States. The people of this great state have, what Messages Plus Answering Service’s Cecile Williams calls “horse sense”. There isn’t a greater people than the people of Kentucky and their isn’t a greater answering service than the Kentucky Answering Service arm of Messages Plus.

When the Kentucky Answering Service takes messages and dispatches calls to businesses and professionals they do so with all of the technical know how of a nationwide powerhouse like Messages Plus and with all of the customer service skills of the people of Kentucky. The goal of Messages Plus Answering Service is to deliver call center services to the people of Kentucky that mirrors the quality of life in this unique state. Each and every customer is given individual attention that will reflect not only the makeup of the business, but also the clientele that the business caters to. This Kentucky Answering Service has the resources that can only be enjoyed by having the reputation of a leader of industry such as Messages Plus Answering Service.

When you forward your phones to our answering service, your callers will always be greeted by a live, professional, knowledgeable, and caring voice on the other end. A voice that conveys confidence in your business and reassures people it is a good idea to do business with you. Our Kentucky answering service representatives are always ready to answer your phone lines, respond to caller questions and requests, and convey all information to you according to your custom protocol. Our entire service and staff is 100% committed to fulfilling your telemessaging needs and servicing your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever you need. We guarantee maximum answering service support at the best price.

Whether you’re a Doctor, an attorney, an apartment complex, a funeral director or an HVAC company, Messages Plus’s Kentucky Answering Service is the service for you. The key to what is needed to make the service work is to utilize every asset that is available to deliver the finest answering service available. Messages Plus uses the people and the technology together to provide the very best service in the country.

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  • Frankfort Kentucky
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