Oakland California Answering Service

At Oakland California Answering Service, our courteous and highly motivated operators will answer as if they work exclusively for your organization. They can comply to the caller's needs by transmitting the call, recording and leaving a message, or providing the caller with requested information. These services will leave callers satisfied and impressed with your company after every phone call! Messages Plus Answering Service and Oakland California Answering service have new technology to help you improve your business and directly affect your bottom line. Messages Plus and Oakland California Answering Service have many services that companies and organizations all over are using today. They have free local or toll free number accounts. If your company already has a phone number, you will just forward this number to the local or toll free number provided by Messages Plus Answering Service. If not, you can purchase local numbers to create local offices all over the country.

Another wonderful service provided by this Oakland California Answering Service is free local voicemail and fax number. When you hire Messages Plus to help your company, you always get a free local voicemail and virtual fax number. We use this number to connect your callers who wish to leave a message. Another service that is a huge advantage with Messages Plus Answering Service is unlimited long distance calling. With most small answering services, you would constantly be billed for long distance calls, sometimes by the minute! That won't happen with Oakland California Answering Service.

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