Anaheim California Answering Service

Anaheim California Answering Service and Messages Plus Answering Service can provide your company with everything it needs from a call center. There are many special services offered outside of the basic call answering and messages sending genre. We offer you call reports. These business intelligence reports help you track the number and location of incoming calls. From an online service, you can check this report in real time to see who is calling you. Some call companies do not have anything like this, but Anaheim California Answering Service does. This is a great way for businesses to focus their energy in a productive way. If they know where the majority of their calls are coming from, they can figure out why. This can help with the marketing and advertisement sections of the company as well.

Call screening and transferring is another fabulous service offered by Messages Plus Answering Service and Anaheim California Answering Service. This feature can be used if your company wants our operators to directly transfer certain calls to your employees directly. When these numbers, that you have given us a list of, call our system, we will inform you of the name and number calling. Then you can decide whether you want to take the call or if you want us to pick up and have them leave a message. This system works wonders for companies or want to remain in direct contact with their clients but can’t be there all the time. This is especially great if your company’s employees have irregular schedules, because then no specific time would be set for us to always answer or always transfer calls. Other services include ordering taking, data entry, appointment setting, emergency dispatching, paging, and message or meeting alerts. The options are endless with Anaheim California Answering Service and Messages Plus Answering service.

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