You Need An Employee Hotline Service: An employee hotline or emergency hotline (such as a theft or reporting hotline) is an important part of any business. Utilizing an answering service to manage employee hotline telephone calls adds an extra layer of anonymity instead of having the calls routed to an internal human resources department. Through outsourcing this responsibility to a third party vendor (such as Messages Plus Answering Service) the processes of utilizing an employee hotline are streamlined.

Employee Hotline Service & Emergency Hotline Service

An employee hotline is no longer a courtesy, they are a necessity. Having a confidential, anonymous reporting hotline for employees is a necessity of any growing and established business. In fact, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 has made it a legal requirement for any publicly traded company. Many privately held firms are also following suit. Our answering service has been proving employee hotlines well before they became legally mandated. With confidentiality coupled with an understanding voice, our employee hotlines are the gold standard in the industry.

Why You Need An Employee Hotline

The importance of knowing what is going on in the company before a lawsuit is filed or an incident shows up in the headlines has proven obvious to many Fortune 500 companies. They know the real value of being legally compliant, as well as proactively informed. A hotline is part of an early warning system, enabling management to react quickly to investigate issues, and often resolve problems prior to costly litigation or negative publicity. Spending a few dollars early on employee hotlines can mean saving millions, if not billions, of dollars later.

Employee Hotline & Your Legal Requirements As A Business

This new requirement builds on previous legal responsibilities established by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines to utilize an employee feedback system. Companies are still required to institute a system "designed to detect criminal conduct by others within the organization without fear of retribution." Now the penalty for non-compliance is greater. At our call center, we treat the employee hotline with the same strict compliance as HIPPA standards.

Regardless of the size or scope of your business, Messages Plus Answering Service can design an employee hotline that is right for you. Protect your business and protect your employees with a customized anonymous reporting system.

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