Emergency Dispatch Service: An emergency dispatch service is a service protocol you setup that is carried out by your answering service to contact your on-call personnel in the event of receiving an emergency telephone call. An emergency dispatch and paging service ensures a representative in your business organization will be reached.

Emergency Dispatch Service & Paging Service

During emergency situations, your clients need to be able to reach you, no matter what time of day. Emergency situations require guaranteed rapid response, and calls routed to your voicemail or cell phone are not reliable enough. An emergency plan of action carried out by your answering service will ensure that someone from your business can be reached and messages will be dispatched immediately. Our emergency dispatch service and emergency paging service is your life preserver in the event of an emergency.

What Our Dispatch Service Can Do For You

Our emergency dispatch service can contact you in an emergency situation through pager, cell phone, home phone, or any alternate contact number until we reach you. If you no longer use a pager, we can adapt our contact method to ensure we reach your staff. We work closely with you to find the best emergency protocol and procedure to be sure that we reach the right people in your organization.

An emergency dispatch service is the most critical aspect of your business. Emergencies do happen after hours and you need to have a plan in place when they do happen. Our answering service dispatch staff are trained to follow your procedures. And, since our system uses advanced software, these protocols can be programmed to make sure they are automatically followed. Our goal is to engage in a perfect emergency paging service for your business so you can feel confident when you are unavailable.

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