What Is Disaster Backup? A disaster backup telephone system is a plan businesses should have in place to ensure they don't miss any telephone calls. In the event of emergencies or disasters, businesses will roll their telephones over to an answering service who is prepared to dispatch their phone calls and act as if they were working in the office. The telephone roll over to the answering service is typically done through call forwarding, however, the forwarding can also be programmed into a local or hosted PBX system or can be managed by calling your phone company.

Telephone Answering Service for Your Disaster Backup

Many people need to utilize an answering service as part of disaster backup plan. A system must be put into place and always up and running, in case disaster should occur. We have designed the best plan for your business in dealing with disasters by being prepared before the disaster occurs. Disasters, natural and man-made, are sometimes un-avoidable. Messages Plus Answering Service is there for you and ready to help you react, survive and rebuild when the unexpected happens.

Redundant Answering Service Backup In A Disaster Or Emergency

We are fully prepared for any emergency that may occur. We have full battery backup systems for short outages and several generators for long outages. We also have redundant T-1 and PRI telephone circuits to our center of operations and we rely on several different vendors, allowing more flexibility. We have a network of vendor relationship that allows us to switch at anytime to the most reliable network in the event of a disaster.

In addition, Messages Plus is a member of the powerful Answernet Network. We can utilize a number of locations to serve as part of our, and your, disaster readiness plan. The key to working through disasters successfully is to plan your response for them before they occur. Arrange to seamlessly redirect your calls to Messages Plus Answering Service. Let our employees act as your emergency communications team. Create a disaster readiness strategy with us that works well for your business. You may choose to have only our center as your disaster center or we can arrange for a redundant solution where another of our answering services would be there to serve your disaster backup needs.

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