Affordable Answering Service: An answering service that is cheap / low cost enough for small businesses and home based businesses to afford.

Affordable Answering Service

Messages Plus is the leader in affordable answering service. Initially when consumers are deciding on using an answering service, affordability is a major determining factor. Not only does the decision have to meet whatever budgetary issues, but needs to make sense in relation to staffing. Choosing an affordable answering service requires a lot of homework, as each individual answering service sets their own price structure. The addition of Holiday fees, taxes and hidden fees often result in confusion in truly determining if your answering service is affordable.

But, what is affordable? Some companies find that voice mail or an after hour transfer to a cell phone is affordable. The costs are fixed and certainly more “affordable” than contracting a live answering service. Yet, seven out of ten callers that reach voicemail do not leave a message. Can a company afford to lose seventy percent of its business? Can a company afford to have a big client (or potential client) reach you on your cell phone after hours. Can you afford to use the cheapest, most unreliable answering service on the market? Can you afford to have your calls mishandled?

The answer to all of those questions is no. You cannot afford to lose calls, messages or business. You cannot afford the image that will accompany a business who answers its calls on a cell phone. What is needed is an answering service that best represents you and your company. At Messages Plus we strive not only to become an affordable answering service, we strive to be the answering service that you can’t afford to be without.

It is true that bottom line pricing is a major consideration in choosing an answering service. Messages Plus makes every consideration in keeping costs down to insure that our customers are getting the very best prices available. Yet, in making your affordable answering service actually affordable, we do not cut corners on quality. Every telephone call will be handled in a manner that your callers will become accustomed. In making this pledge to our customers, Messages Plus becomes not only an affordable answering service, but also an invaluable answering service.

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